The Governor General versus geography.

“So where is Vancouver?” Ms. Jean asked warmly, before children shouted out answers. “Of course, Canada.”

And so forth went her lesson. “From that city you can see some very, very tall mountains … and these mountains are called …” Ms. Jean asked, before proclaiming: “The Rockies.”

Cue freshman senator, B.C. resident and Olympic ski legend Nancy Greene, with a geography crash course. “No, it’s the Coast Mountains,” Ms. Greene said.

In an exchange captured by CTV, Ms. Jean laughs at her mistake, turning off-camera to an unseen woman said to be Ms. Greene. “We can also call them the Rockies, no?” she asked.

No, we can’t. There are seven different mountain ranges in mainland southern B.C., including the Coast Mountains, where the Games will be held, and the Rockies far to the east. Ms. Jean skipped the Purcell, Selkirk, Cariboo, Monashee and Cascade ranges.