Oyez, oyez! All rise! And ... you know, I'm not actually sure what happens next.

But if all goes according to plan, I’m going to find out later this morning. I’m hoping to make it to a procedural hearing on the In-and-Out scandal: specifically, the application for judicial review filed by a couple of former Conservative candidates over the decision by Elections Canada to deny their respective advertising expense claims.

I should probably warn you up front that I don’t know what, exactly, is on the agenda for today – all that I was able to piece together from the docket is that the hearing in question has been rescheduled several times, and has been alloted three hours on the court schedule. For all I know, it might be a spectacularly routine motion, and the whole thing will be decided within minutes, and I’m also unsure whether I’ll be allowed to post real-time updates – they may decide that those anachronistic rules on broadcasting from within the court apply to livebloggers as well. But at worst, it’ll give me a chance to poke through the case file — presuming it’s available for public poking — and, I don’t know, check out Paul Lepsoe’s replacement — you remember Paul Lepsoe, he’s the Conservative Party lawyer who, up until last month, was representing the disgruntled candidates. It’s not like there’s all that much else happening in Ottawa at the moment.