Rapid-Fire Politics: What does Tom Mulcair need to revive his party?

John Geddes and Evan Solomon tackle a week's worth of federal politics. And they also settle a debate about Canada's best gravy.

Tom Mulcair is approaching a crossroads. Facing low polls, a party report that condemned his last campaign, and a leadership review coming up at a spring policy convention in Edmonton, what does Mulcair need to do do to survive as the NDP leader—and to revive the fortunes of his party?

Meanwhile, the controversy over campaign donations in Ontario and B.C. keeps growing. Corporate and union donations have been banned at the federal level for more than a decade, but it’s a much different story in the provinces. Will that change?

Those are two of the questions that Evan Solomon and Maclean’s Ottawa bureau chief John Geddes tackle in this week’s Rapid-Fire Politics. Oh—and they also chime in on the great Canadian chicken alliance between Swiss Chalet and St. Hubert’s that has so many people in a saucy debate over who has the best gravy.