Rights and Democracy: And now, a two-bit burglary

A break-in at the organization's Montreal office during the funeral of former president

The Globe breaks the latest in the increasingly weird tale of Rights and Democracy: on Saturday, while the staff of Rights and Democracy were at the funeral of former president Rémy Beauregard, somebody broke into the organization’s Montreal office and, it seems, stole two computers, including the one for R&D’s communications director.

The Globe is unable to find any hard evidence that would show this is anything more than a random break-in and an odd coincidence. Still, the paper is breaking this story legitimately because the question arises: what the hell is going on here?

For my money, almost the most interesting sentence in this whole story is the following: “Mr. Braun, a University of Toronto professor, issued a directive on Monday forbidding staff from any further public communication without prior written approval.” This from the guy who runs around accusing everybody else of being enemies of transparency. Recall that Aurel Braun teaches political science at one of our finer universities, not logic.