The Final Days: Fredericton

“The nature of Canada will be decided tomorrow,” said Andy Scott, the retiring Liberal incumbent, introducing his would-be successor, who in turn introduced Stephane Dion.

Mr. Dion arrived in grey suit and striped shirt, no tie, waving that floppy, full-arm wave of his. What followed, in a slightly modified stump speech and a scrum afterwards, essentially came down to this: “If we pull our votes together, we will win this election.”

Also, some math, which Mr. Dion has been repeating for days.

1. Al Gore-Ralph Nader=George W. Bush

2. Elizabeth May=Ralph Nader

3. Stephen Harper=George W. Bush

4. Jack Layton=Stephen Harper

Therefore, if you want a Liberal government, vote for Al Gore. Or something.

Now, breakfast. Next, Quebec.