The House pays tribute to Rona Ambrose: Live video -

The House pays tribute to Rona Ambrose: Live video

After a 13-year run in federal politics, the Tory interim leader gets ready to leave—and her colleagues pay tribute to her service


Rona Ambrose, the Conservative Party’s interim leader and a member of Parliament since 2004, announced today that she’ll resign her seat in the House of Commons when Parliament rises for its summer break. Ambrose, honoured as the hard-working MP in last year’s Parliamentarians of the Year Awards, carved out a reputation as a capable leader of the Tory flock as they bridge the gap between Stephen Harper and whoever is next.

As John Geddes wrote today, that tenure came with its own risks. “During her run as Conservative interim leader, murmuring about how she would make a better choice than most, perhaps all, of the crowded field of contenders vying to succeed Stephen Harper was so constant it began to sound like white noise.”

Whatever the preferences of political Ottawa, Ambrose is on her way out. This afternoon, we streamed question period and afterwards, streamed the House as it paid tribute to Ambrose’s 13-year run as an Edmonton-area MP.