The hunted look, the defensive crouch -

The hunted look, the defensive crouch


Sarah Palin does Oprah:

When Ms. Winfrey pressed Ms. Palin about why she would not mention the names of newspapers or magazines she read when Ms. Couric asked her to, Ms. Palin said she found the CBS anchor’s persistence “annoying.” Still looking annoyed, she recalled how she left a rally “pumped up” and aglow, only to pull back the curtain and discover Ms. Couric waiting with camera and crew, or as she put it sourly, “There’s the perky one again.”

Ms. Winfrey, who didn’t hide her surprise at Ms. Palin’s impolitic wording, came to Ms. Couric’s defense, noting, “You’re pretty perky too.”

Oprah and the other members of the left liberal MSM elite sure will be surprised when the perky Palin rolls over the usual Harvard Trotskyites to get elected president in 2012. By a landslide. Mark my words.