The investment dealer's story

To the tales of the TTC worker and the amputee and the civil liberties monitor and the reporter and the photographers, you can add the account of the investment dealer.

I spoke to one 38-year-old investment dealer who went down to have a look at what he thought was a designated protest zone at Queen’s Park. He moved too slowly when, for reasons that have yet to be properly explained, a line of riot police advanced to clear the area. Four police pushed him to the ground, cuffed him and put him in a police van. He says he spent the next 21 “dehumanizing” hours in custody, much of it in a cramped cell at Eastern Avenue. “People’s legal rights were shelved for the purpose of controlling the extent and size of the demonstrations that weekend,” he says, still shaken from the ordeal.

The Liberals seem to think Vic Toews should be the first to testify when the public safety committee commences hearings.