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The Layton doctrine

NATO’s Afghan peace process echoes something the NDP leader said four years ago


Four years after the NDP leader was mocked by nearly everyone for suggesting as much, the makings of a comprehensive peace process in Afghanistan are now being facilitated by NATO.

Talks to end the war in Afghanistan involve extensive, face-to-face discussions with Taliban commanders from the highest levels of the group’s leadership, who are secretly leaving their sanctuaries in Pakistan with the help of NATO troops, officials here say…

The Taliban leaders coming into Afghanistan for talks have left their havens in Pakistan on the explicit assurance that they will not be attacked or arrested by NATO forces, Afghans familiar with the talks say. Many top Taliban leaders reside in Pakistan, where they are believed to enjoy at least some official protection.

In at least one case, Taliban leaders crossed the border and boarded a NATO aircraft bound for Kabul, according to an Afghan with knowledge of the talks. In other cases, NATO troops have secured roads to allow Taliban officials to reach Afghan- and NATO-controlled areas so they can take part in discussions.

The coordinator of the UN’s Al-Qaeda-Taliban monitoring team considers the way forward.