The measure of the race -

The measure of the race


According to the latest figures, Thomas Mulcair leads all other NDP candidates in fundraising.

According to the reports, which cover all expenses from the start of the campaign up until Feb. 25, Mulcair has raised nearly $206,000 from some 1,347 contributors. That’s nearly $60,000 more than his campaign reported for the previous period ending Dec. 31.

He’s also pulled ahead of competitor Brian Topp who has raised about $183,000 from some 984 contributors. Topp, who was the first to enter the race with major endorsements from the likes of party stalwart Ed Broadbent, ended the year in the top spot but has since added just $14,000 to his coffers.

Meanwhile, Paul Dewar has edged out Peggy Nash in terms of fundraising to claim the No. 3 spot. According to the figures filed with Elections Canada, he’s raised more than $144,000 from 782 contributors. Nash has raised $139,449 from 727 contributors, while Nathan Cullen has raised $129,555 from 1,123 contributors.