The Pamela Wallin audit

The Senate releases its report

The report of the Senate’s internal economy committee into the expenses of Pamela Wallin is here and below.

Deloitte’s audit of Senator Wallin’s expenses is here and below.

In short, the audit has identified $121,348 in expenses that must be reimbursed, of which Senator Wallin has already repaid $38,369. Another $20,978 in expenses will be reviewed by the internal economy committee. Senator Wallin’s travel privileges have been restricted and the report will referred to the “proper authorities.”

If you add Senator Wallin’s disputed expenses ($121,348) to the disputed expenses of Senator Mac Harb ($231,649), Senator Patrick Brazeau ($48,744) and Senator Mike Duffy ($90,172), the sum total of this crisis is now $491,913. Senators Harb and Brazeau are contesting the Senate’s findings against their expense claims.