The Quebec campaign

The text of a letter sent out today by Thomas Mulcair’s campaign.

Fellow New Democrats,

We only have 30 days left to take advantage of an historic opportunity to sign up new party members in Quebec. Since our unprecedented gains last May, Quebecers are eager to get involved in our party. We’ll never have an opportunity like this leadership race again.

The February 18th deadline to become a member–and vote in this spring’s leadership contest–is fast approaching. Our gains in Quebec were the lynchpin to becoming the government-in-waiting, and they’re the only way we can hope to defeat Stephen Harper in 2015.

This is our chance to make Quebec’s voice a permanent part of the NDP and make our strength in Quebec the foundation of an NDP majority government in 2015.

Our goal is to raise $30,000 by this Sunday allowing our campaign team to reach out to Quebec voters, getting them to sign their first NDP membership card.

Every dollar we raise from this appeal will go to signing up new party members in Quebec.

I want you to be a part of it by making a donation to Thomas Mulcair’s leaderhship right now. $150, $400 or the maximum donation of $1200 will allow our campaign to reach 10,000 new members. Remember, you are provided with a tax credit of up to 75%–resulting in a very small actual cost.

Let’s finish what Jack started!

Let’s entrench Quebec voters in the membership of the NDP–sending a message that by working together, Quebec’s support for the NDP is here to stay.

Marie-Claude Morin & François Lapointe,
Members of Parliament,
Quebec Campaign Chairs,
Thomas Mulcair Campaign

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