The voice of the people

Speaking with reporters after QP yesterday, Irwin Cotler was asked if he would advise somebody to get into politics.

I would still recommend people going into politics. I go back to what John Turner once said when I first started to work with him in, in my late 20s, and he said politics is the highest form of public service. I still regard is as the highest form of public service and I was brought to this House when I was 12-years old and my father turned to me and said, and I still remember his words, and he said son, this is vox populi. This is the voice of the people. Today, people might react cynically. I don’t. I still think this is the voice of the people. I intend to speak and work on behalf of the people. And on this issue, their voice has not yet spoken the final word either. 

At Huffington Post, Mr. Cotler explains his concerns with the Speaker’s ruling.

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