The wronged MP for Simcoe-Grey

Helena Guergis asks the Conservative Party to explain precisely what she has done to deserve her excommunication.

Guergis, in a letter to Conservative party executive director Dan Hilton, says no one — neither Harper nor the party — has spelled out just what it is that she is accused of doing. “Your letter refers to recent events as the reason that this decision was made,” she wrote in response to Hilton’s letter informing her that the party had stripped her of the right to run as a Conservative. “Perhaps you could highlight for me what I have done to justify this drastic measure. Specifically, I ask that you please provide the details of what led the (party) to make this decision, especially at a time when no election is imminent…

“In recent weeks, in essence, I have been charged, convicted, and sentenced without any due process or knowing what I have done wrong. There have been endless rumours and allegations unfairly levelled against me, but to date I have not been given a specific reason for my removal from caucus nor has there been any investigation launched, let alone concluded,” Guergis wrote.