This is the week that was

Pat Martin tweeted a bad word. But refused to apologize. And claimed a kind of victory.

The government’s investments weren’t as advertised, but the future looks expensive. Supply management was put on the table and duly debated. The Royal Society asked us to think about euthanasia, but no one wanted to talk about it. The Conservative party has some reimbursements it might return. The NDP got set to debate itself as the contenders peddled their thoughts. The Liberals offered to realign the House at no extra expense. And a multi-party committee came together to consider matters of life and death.

Bob Rae retweeted cryptically. The law clerk schooled Dean Del Mastro. Peter Van Loan lamented the existence of an opposition. Sheila Copps revealed her ambitions. Elizabeth May challenged the system. Joe Oliver touted the government’s newest health care initiative. Marc Garneau fretted about the cost of democracy. Olivia Chow campaigned for bike safety. Peter Kent accused the NDP of treachery. Pierre Poilievre claimed innocence in the face of guilt. Kevin Sorenson aligned his side with objective fact. Stephen Woodworth invoked the memory of Jack Layton. Jeff Watson sought refuge in statistics. And Justin Trudeau took his shirt off.

Alison Loat talked outsider status. Jonathan McLeod ripped a court challenge to first-past-the-post. Jeff Jedras questioned Liberal concerns about adding MPs. Stephen Gordon questioned the latest tax break proposal.

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