This is the week that was

The long-gun registry split the NDP leadership contenders. Paul Dewar talked medical infrastructure. Nathan Cullen pitched energy policy. And Romeo Saganash explained how the NDP can grow.

Charlie Angus brought attention to Attawapiskat. Justin Trudeau quizzed Peter Kent, who spoke of treachery and dismissed himself. Rob Anders napped. Bob Rae was named parliamentarian of the year. Rob Merrifield and John Weston were dutiful partisans. Two New Democrats tried to sing along. Patrick Brown allowed that all MPs love Canada. Rick Dykstra segued. The NDP turned up new emails in the G8 Legacy Fund affair and Tony Clement pleaded his innocence. Jason Kenney brought props. And MPs debated disturbances in the House.

The Prime Minister marked the end of the mission in Libya. The Conservative caucus showed signs of unease. The communications industrial complex numbered 1,500. The interim auditor general tabled his latest concerns. The information commissioner questioned the government’s deletion of gun registry data. Inspired no doubt by Jason Kenney and several other Conservatives, the NDP asked the House to consider the curtailment of debate.

Chris Cobb looked at the implications of getting tough on crime. The Agenda debated supply management. And I talked shop with Bob Rae.

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