This is the week that was -

This is the week that was

Aaron Wherry on the week on Parliament Hill


A silly question was reprinted, but Conservative claims about a carbon tax were also rebuked and corrected. Three Conservative MPs kept up the farce. Irene Mathyssen corrected them.

Justin Trudeau punched a guy in the face. Vic Toews lamented a Quebec judge’s decision on gun registry data. The Prime Minister marked the anniversary of 9/11 and the death of Peter Lougheed. Pat Martin got a legal defence fund in his name. Stephen Harper won an award. Julian Fantino tried to parse budget cuts at CIDA. The Prime Minister’s Office denied a report of Omar Khadr’s return, the Harper government explained its delay and Vic Toews seemed willing to take his time. Thomas Mulcair toured Southwestern Ontario and wanted the economy rebalanced. Joan Crockatt auditioned to be a backbencher. Peter MacKay made another odd claim. Vladimir Putin warned Stephen Harper. Stephen Harper talked to a certain news channel. Brent Rathgeber considered supply management. John Baird championed women’s rights and gay rights. And the Harper government abandoned the asbestos industry (and was cheered for doing so).

Canada’s diplomatic war with Iran was debated. Jason Kenney tried to explain. Brian Stewart wondered about a sleeper cell. Campbell Clark listed other reasons. The Avro Arrow was touted as a solution and Lewis MacKenzie appealed to gynaecology. The permanent campaign continued to take shape. The nation’s infrastructure was found in need of repair. The House of Commons got in an odd fight with the auditor general. The ethics commissioner launched an investigation of the Prime Minister’s chief of staff. Prison guards protested. The president of Royal Dutch Shell called for a price on carbon. The Conservatives took a small leader in the polls. Coast guard cuts were questioned. Another omnibus budget bill fight seemed likely. And we mourned the loss of

Alice Funke talked to Allan Gregg about the state of our politics. Don Lenihan quibbled. Bruce Anderson looked to Bill Clinton. Frances Woolley tried to rebrand the carbon tax. Michael Den Tandt tried to save the Liberal party. William Watson mocked the “wisdom of voters.” And we previewed the fall sitting.

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