This is the week that was

Seven days on and around Parliament Hill

Joe Oliver tried to explain the farce. Preston Manning explained his position on putting a price on carbon. Bob Rae commended the carbon pricing policies of British Columbia and Alberta. While Megan Leslie wondered what the Harper government’s regulatory approach will cost, Peter Kent announced regulations that will raise the price of cars. Christian Paradis warned that a carbon tax would destroy everything you love. Kevin Sorenson and Rob Merrifield carried the farce far afield. And Glenn Thibeault mocked the government’s $36-billion car tax.

After Joan Crockatt warned that an opposition MP wouldn’t be able to get you a new passport, she was elected in Calgary Centre. The Greens enjoyed a good night. Alice Funke considered their prospects. Elizabeth May and Chris Turner confronted questions of vote-splitting. Justin Trudeau conceded that he might have hurt the Liberal vote in Calgary. Chris Selley called for a ranked ballot. And Andrew Coyne called for one-time move to unite the left.

Mark Carney planned a trip to England. Joyce Murray and Marc Garneau announced her candidacies for the Liberal leadership. Dean Del Mastro stood with Justin Bieber. Brent Rathgeber considered the relationship between Alberta and Ottawa. Doug Finley reflected on death and politics. Olivia Chow reserved judgment on a mayoral run. Justin Trudeau was invited to testify at the natural resources committee. And Senator Joyce Fairbairn prepared to retire.

Brad Trost and Lawrence Toet publicly expressed their objections to C-290. Senator Bob Runciman championed the bill in the Senate. C-45 was fought on multiple fronts. But despite hundreds of proposed amendments, an all-night vote marathon was avoided. Elizabeth May spoke against the latest omnibus budget bill. Bill C-398 was defeated. Canada was one of nine countries to vote against non-observer member status for Palestine. Irwin Cotler agreed with the Harper government’s vote. More questions were raised about the food inspection system. And more reports of fraudulent phone calls during the last election were tallied.

Elsewhere: Paul Wells considered Mark Carney and trade with Europe and talked to Robert Ghiz. Colby Cosh reviewed the results in Calgary Centre. John Geddes looked closer at Mark Carney and Marc Garneau. And Nick Taylor-Vaisey beheld the Thursday Question.

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