This is the week that was

Seven days in six paragraphs and 46 links

Rona Ambrose and I exchanged tweets again. Ontario’s environment commissioner argued for a price on carbon. Peter Kent celebrated Canada’s efforts at reducing GHG emissions. Jacques Gourde achieved nirvana. Ryan Leef was ruled out of order. And PJ Partington argued for regulations in tandem with a price on carbon.

After Peter Van Loan proposed limiting an individual MP’s ability to bring amendments to a vote, Bill C-45 was submitted to 47 votes. The next day Mr. Van Loan got upset with the NDP. There were post-fight interviews and points of order and Paul Dewar testified as to what he saw. We recalled previous commotions. And Keith Beardsley considered the whole mess.

With a larger price tag, the F-35 was said to be dead. Rona Ambrose promised a “comprehensive public update.” Other options were reportedly up for consideration and a panel was said to be formed. The opposition mocked and scolded. The Prime Minister’s Office tweeted its confidence in the Defence Minister. Jack Harris said the minister should resign along with the rest of the government.

Justin Trudeau used the word “failure” to describe the long gun registry and ruled out increasing the GST. Then Mr. Trudeau tried to define failure. Thomas Mulcair explained his view on the long gun registry. Marc Garneau explained his view on the gun registry. Bob Rae lamented for the Harper government’s approach to the Middle East. John Baird clarified the Harper government’s position on Israeli settlements. Isabelle Morin took a leave. Brad Butt apologized for his use of a finger gun. Jason Kenney dwelled on adjectives. Elizabeth May made brunch. And Maxime Bernier showed everyone where he hides his car keys.

Mark Warawa asked MPs to support his motion on sex-selective abortion. The Prime Minister’s Office stated its objection. The tale of the Navigable Waters Protection Act briefly took another twist. The CNOOC and Petronas deals were approved and the Prime Minister explained his policy on foreign investment. And Samara issued MPs a report card.

Chris Selley mocked Justin Trudeau. Paul Adams commended Joyce Murray. Paul Wells looked at the views of Philippe Couillard and the retirement of Richard Doyle. John Geddes considered the latest developments on the F-35. And Nick Taylor-Vaisey considered the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.

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