'We would like to see the evidence'

Parliament doesn’t reconvene for another six weeks, but the Liberals are serving notice that they’d like the immigration committee to study cuts to health care for refugees.

Lamoureux said his party wants Kenney to produce evidence to support the policy decision and show that it was based on consultations or studies of some kind. “There was a great deal of suspicion that this was a decision that was made on the whim, that there was no real consultation, there was no real studies. We haven’t seen that and we would like to see the evidence,” he said at a news conference in Ottawa. “Good government policy is made when you have evidence-based policy decisions and we haven’t seen any evidence and we’re calling for the minister to provide that,” the critic said.

Yesterday, Marc Garneau posted a lengthy denunciation of Conservative immigration policy.

The doctors who protested in Hamilton earlier this month explain themselves here.