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What did our MPs do for a living before their election?

MAP: Politicians aren’t just lawyers and businessmen


We all know what our MPs do for a living once they’re elected (bicker with each other, debate and pass legislation, bicker some more, and then fight for re-election). But what did they do before they took their seats in the House of Commons?

This map answers that question by mapping MPs’ primary occupations, and you can tell the Commons is more than a collection of lawyers and businessmen.

TURQUOISE: Arts and culture
GREEN: Environment
BRIGHT GREEN: Science and technology
RED: Business and administration
BROWN: Agriculture
LIGHT BROWN: Health care
BEIGE: Public service
YELLOW: Media and publishing
PURPLE: Law enforcement/Military
BRIGHT PURPLE: Community activist
GREY: Education
BLACK: Clergy

Ridings are coded by their MP’s primary occupation (see legend), and the info bubbles that pop up tell you where MPs were born, when they were born, and their occupations before they took office. Note that many MPs list more than a single occupation, and this map focuses on the first listed occupation.

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