Where the votes went

Alice Funke looks at how 2008 voters moved in 2011.

The NDP was able to win over a greater percentage of vote switchers in 2011 than any other party did, claiming 33% of 2008 Green support, 24% of 2008 Liberal voters, and 5.3% of the 2008 Conservatives. In addition, they held some 80% of their own vote from the previous election.

The Conservatives held an impressive 87% of their 2008 vote outside Québec in 2011, and added around 10% from each of the Green, Liberal and NDP 2008 electorates.

Those who abstained in 2008 voted 23-18-14 for the NDP, Conservatives and Liberals respectively in 2011. Newly eligible voters (young people, recent immigrants) voted 36-20-12 for the NDP, Conservatives and Liberals.