Yesterday in democracy

A convergence of parliamentary reforms

Yesterday afternoon’s debate on the Liberal proposal for statements by members starts here—with this question of how the Speaker would be impacted being a point of some conflict. The debate on Brad Trost’s motion to have the House of Commons elect committee chairs starts here.

Meanwhile, John Ivison talks to two Conservatives about the Speaker’s ruling and Mark Warawa’s statement yesterday.

“My view is that our rights as MPs have been affirmed,” said one MP, explaining why Conservative MPs did not spend Question Period bouncing up and down with their hands raised like over-eager students.

Mr. Warawa was clearly of the same mind — being recognized by the Speaker was victory enough, without having to rub the leadership’s nose in it. “Mark’s a good man, not a rebel,” said one of his colleagues. “The local issue is, in its own way, a statement against PMO control, without being provocative.”