You know what we need around here? A fresh opinion poll to dissect!

Thank you, Globe and Mail/Strategic Counsel! Without your timely intervention, ITQ readers might have been forced to go an entire day — or possibly even two days, since Ekos doesn’t come out until Thursday — without being reminded that, yes, it’s still a “dead heat”/stalemate/gridlock/virtual tie:

Conservatives: 34 (-)

Liberals: 32 (-1)

NDP: 15 (-)

Bloc Quebecois:  10 (-1)

Green: 8 (+1)

ITQ was, alas, forced to dock both of you ten points for failing to put the full details up in conveniently overanalysable PDF format, although the Globe managed to get some of that back for sensibly deciding to ignore the BQ’s all but meaningless national standing in its intro, substituting instead the Quebec number — 44% —  which is far more informative.

Other than that, there’s … just not that much going on here, is there? I mean, that we didn’t already know, that is, from the trickle of nearly identical polls over the last few days, and with a 3.1% margin of error, it seems distinctly possible that even the slight fluctuations – the Liberals down a point, the Greens up one – are merely statistical noise. Without full regional numbers (hint, hint) it’s tough to tell what’s changed since last time around, although Peter Donolo hints that the full survey shows some not uninteresting trends as far as the demographic breakdown: apparently, one in three chicks dig the Conservatives — although that’s still not quite as much as the Liberals, within the margin of error that it may be — and both the NDP and the Tories are leaving the Liberals in the dust when it comes to the much-coveted 18-29 vote.

Anyway, have at it. Maybe y’all can find something more insightful to say about these results than ITQ, who is pretty much ready to go on a pollfast until Parliament resumes. Or something actually changes, of course — which means that she’ll have to keep paying attention, because otherwise, how will she know?

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