This week in QP: Ukraine unites, reform divides -

This week in QP: Ukraine unites, reform divides

The fractious House showed glimpses of consensus


The House of Commons

An overseas crisis this week wrenched the opposition from its usual all-around mockery of the Conservative benches. Both the NDP and Liberals stood with the government in its support of the Ukrainian people. Ukraine was priority one for all parties in the House for most of the week. But the mood changed quickly each day as Tom Mulcair continued his weeks-long grilling of the Tories on their plans for electoral reform and the Liberals insisted Conservatives planned to cut important infrastructure funding.

If nothing else, the crisis in Ukraine demonstrates that Canada’s parliamentarians can set aside their differences to face down a common foe. But make no mistake: at a moment’s notice, they’re at each other’s throats all over again.

The House united behind Ukraine

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