Trudeau-mania 2.0? -

Trudeau-mania 2.0?

Twitter reacts to expected leadership bid



Trudeau-mania 2.0? Twitter reacts to expected leadership bid

Justin Trudeau is set to hold a press conference Tuesday evening with “some big news to share,” and Twitter is atwitter with reaction to Trudeau’s much-speculated Liberal Party leadership bid.

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It all began with a Tweet Monday afternoon.
Have some big news to share. Check out tomorrow at 7 pm or join us in Papineau at 419 St Roch. Doors open at 5:30 pm.Justin Trudeau, MP
The announcement drew out fans, and suggestions that a second round of Trudeau-mania could be just around the corner.
Justin Trudeau to announce his bid for #liberal leadership tonight. Will my generation get to experience #Trudeaumania2.0 ??Alex Hughes
Justin Trudeau announcing his run for liberal leadership today…..thank god.Moeen
I may or may not have a lil crush on Justin Trudeau.Chantel Alicia
Richard Gwyn proclaims his man crush on J. Trudeau and coins a new type of persecution by claiming JT is “a victim of face-ism.” #gogogrampsDrew Evans
I am so going to vote for Justin Trudeau when he runs for PM.Jonathan Tatham
With an announcement scheduled for 5:30 p.m. in Trudeau’s Papineau riding, The Canadian Press is reporting that the leadership hopeful is set to head West to B.C. and Alberta for rallies soon after.
Justin Trudeau aims to show steak, as well as sizzle, in leadership launchOTTAWA – Justin Trudeau is launching his leadership campaign Tuesday with an evening rally designed to demonstrate he’s got the steak, as…
Trudeau may be heading west, but his perceived lack of support in Western provinces drew attention.
“I’m so excited Justin Trudeau will be running for the Liberal leadership!” – said no one west of Ontario.Jamie Worthington
Justin Trudeau has BC roots, supporters and critics – Vancouver Sun gates
This is going to be interesting. #cdnpoliTrudeau seeks to rebuild Liberal party — starting in Alberta St. Pierre
Our next PM, is so like his Dad, facing detractors head on, coming to Alberta excellent move #Cdnpoli  #yyc  Ed Tanas
Susan Delacourt notes that Trudeau is playing his cards close to his chest when it comes to announcing details of just where he is going after Tuesday. Maybe he wants to avoid another Ignatieff-like campaign, which catered to the media and failed to connect with the people, she speculates.
Trudeau launch update: Everywhere but Ottawa. Blog post: #cdnpoli #lpc #journalism #lpcldrSusan Delacourt
Not only does Trudeau have the West to win over, he must also overcome the criticism that he relies on the legacy of his famous father and lacks substance.
Justin Trudeau to announce leadership bid tonight? I deserve to be PM because uh…er…my Dad was!Jake Bradford
Instead of asking Trudeau about criticism of his lack substance, ask a question that makes him demonstrate whether he has some. #cdnpoliEmmett Macfarlane
Just heard the most hilarious quote on CBC Radio: “[Justin Trudeau] is the most experienced politician in the Liberal Party.” It was part of a comedy routine that I think was called “Justin Trudeau would make a good leader.”Mark Harris Evans
One anecdote that needs to be demolished: Justin’s been elected twice, Pierre was only elected once before becoming leader…aaronwherry
Sure, but Pierre was Justice Minister and did this:,_1968-69aaronwherry
Dreamy eyes aside, Justin Trudeau has a lot to prove and will have his work cut out for him.Dani Stover
Can he overcome this challenge?, asks Daniel Leblac.
The Globe’s Daniel Leblanc writes: “The goal, for Mr. Trudeau, is to start shedding his image as a candidate who is all about looks, charisma and a famous last name.” Can it be done?The Globe and Mail
And then there’s the reality of the Liberal Party’s third-place status and the fact that this leadership race could be the party’s last shot at redemption.
Justin Trudeau, a white knight in bleak armour, may lead Liberal Party into final chapter #cdnpoli #bcpoli #lpcBillTieleman
There are many challenges ahead for Trudeau, but maybe a little Trudeau-mania can inject some excitement into Canadian politics.
Canadian political scientists: blah blah blah Justin Trudeau blah blah blah #yawn #cdnpoli #hwBryan Peeler


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