Dear #undecided voter: You are an idiot. Love, Twitter

Aaron Hutchins finds little patience for voters who can't make up their minds

Who are the #undecided voters? Twitter takes a few cracks.

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The polls are neck-and-neck and it could be the undecided voter who makes the difference over whether the United States will have another four years of President Obama, or if Mitt Romney will take the White House. But after years of campaigning, non-stop election coverage, debates, town hall meetings, etc. who could still be undecided on the final days? Social media chimes in with a few jokes.
If ur still an undecided voter, I congratulate u for somehow avoiding all information in last 18 months. That takes will power and a plan.Kathleen Madigan
Me: What do you say to the ‘undecided’ voters at this point? Fran Lebowitz: "You should not be allowed to vote. Too stupid." #election2012jian ghomeshi
Sincerely Undecided Voters http://pic.twitter.com/EMG2RcPQFunny Politician™
Undecided Voter Pretty Sure He’s Some Kind Of Idiot http://onion.com/U4epVwThe Onion
RT @_nutbird_: If you’re still undecided, maybe this can help. http://pic.twitter.com/c39CCZ3Xrachael jennings
"I’m not sure if I should buy an iPod or a cassette player." -Undecided Voterbraden graeber
Today, on this very date, still undecided voters exist in the #US, and some few exceptional ones who do not know that election is tomorrow!Cüneyd Er
Which candidate did Honey Boo Boo and Kim Kardashian endorse again? – How I imagine most undecided voters decide. #electionJeff Biro
To all undecided voters: http://pic.twitter.com/80UNVqO1Jack Kelly
"Thinking of voting for this Obama fellow. Does anyone know more about him?" – At least 1000 undecided voters, if not more, probably.Matt Binder
Let’s take a moment to recognize all of the “undecided” voters out there suffering from Electile Dysfunction.Grey DeLisle
The most powerful man in the world is the president, with any undecided voter in Ohio coming in a close second.Cole Slaw
The #undecided http://pic.twitter.com/FT0WO90UD.G. Wesley, Jr
Tomorrow I will vote for the first time and I am so undecided that I am about to write in Chuck Norris or My mother #undecided #chucknorrisAshley Lingard
I’m starting to think that Ohio decides to be undecided every election for some importance to make up for their terrible sports teamsBrent Stone
100 undecided voters were asked: “Would you be willing to take a survey?”: 46% answered “Not Sure" #obama #romney http://pic.twitter.com/IwE7yK9aDon McMillan
And on Monday Night Football the night before election day, both Romney and Obama appeared on pre-taped interviews at halftime to court the final voters still unsure.
Coincidentally, the same people who are still undecided voters tonight also still enjoy the #MNF musical introm/
How many undecided voters are going to go.. "Obama supports an 8-team college football playoff? SOLD!"Faux John Madden
Obama says he wants 8 team playoffs for NCAA football. NOW I know who I’m voting for! UNDECIDED no more! #4notenuff! #iunderstand! #Tebow !Matt Besser
Sad state of our society: Unfortunately, late undecided voters might actually base their vote on that MNF interview with Obama and Romney.Aaron Levine
Time to vote.