9 weird things that fell from the sky over Canada

Yes, frogs are on the list



1. A shower of live lizards in Montreal, December 1857

2. A slight rain shower of huge black ants in Winnipeg, May 1895

3. Fish falling from a thunderstorm in Moose Jaw, Sask., July 1903

4. Frogs raining on 11th Avenue in Calgary, August 1921

5. Tiny winged brown beetles dropping in an intermittent shower in Red Creek, B.C., October 1934

    6. Large red-angle worms fell during a snowshower in Carleton, N.B., October 1846

    7. Fine white cobweb filaments floated from the sky in Montreal, October 1962

    8. Wild ducks crashed to the ground in a storm in Banff, Alta., June 1932

    9. Wild geese felled by lightning in Elgin, Man., April 1932

    Source: David Phillips, senior climatologist at Enivronment Canada

    Originally published in Maclean’s Book of Lists, Volume 2 (2013)