All hail Joey Bat Flip: The top 7 gifs of 2015

From sassy Elizabeth May to winter swallowing a train, 2015 brought some excellent gifs.

Joey Bats’ bat flip. Justin “Because it’s 2015” Trudeau. Sassy Elizabeth May. 2015 was full of gif-worthy moments. It wasn’t just sports or politics, either. We’ve collected the top 7 Canadian gifs of 2015 featuring everything from Canadian winters to Canadian geese. Enjoy.

1. José Bautista hits epic home run. José Bautista flips bat. Canada goes wild.

Reddit user bluejayhunter

2. Watch the Canadian winter swallow this train.

Reddit user haragoshi

3. Sassy Elizabeth May flashes pre-debate peace sign. Slay Liz slay.


4. Justin shows he was totally ready. At least, ready for a question about gender equity in the cabinet.

canada prime minister justin trudeau canadian prime minister

Tumblr user kali

 5. Every time Donald Trump opens his mouth.


6. No matter what politicians do there’s one Canadian thing we can count on: Geese are gonna geese.

Reddit user Emerald_Triangle

7. Ice hockey is best when played on a frozen lake. Check out the fish trying to join in.

Reddit user whiteshadow204


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