16 former CFL players who got into politics

One day these men are smashing helmets on the gridiron, the next they are knocking on doors, shaking hands and kissing babies. Here’s a list of some CFL players who moved into politics after a life of football:

1. Gene Makowsky (Saskatchewan Roughriders)—MLA in Saskatchewan

2. Chris Szarka (Saskatchewan Roughriders)—Regina city councillor

3. Sandy Annunziata (Toronto Argonauts, among other CFL teams)—Fort Erie town councillor

4. Lionel “The Big Train” Conacher (Toronto Argonauts)—Ontario MPP and federal MP (Liberal)

5. Mike Wadsworth (Toronto Argonauts)—Canadian ambassador to Ireland

6. Emery Barnes (B.C. Lions)—MLA in B.C.

7. George Spingate (Montreal Alouettes)—member of the Quebec national assembly

8. Larry Smith (Montreal Alouettes)— Canadian senator

9. Forrest “Fob” James (Montreal Alouettes)—governor of Alabama

10. J.C. Watts (Ottawa Rough Riders)— U.S. congressman from Oklahoma

11. Normie Kwong (Calgary Stampeders/Edmonton Eskimos)—lieutenant governor of Alberta

12. Peter Lougheed (Edmonton Eskimos)— 10th premier of Alberta

13. Don Getty (Edmonton Eskimos)—11th premier of Alberta

14. Bill Smith (Edmonton Eskimos)—mayor of Edmonton

15. Vince Scott (Hamilton Tiger-Cats)—Hamilton city councillor

16. Reg Wheeler (Hamilton Tiger-Cats)—Hamilton alderman