Sochi's craziest photo finishes

Sochi’s craziest photo finishes

A three-way crash photo finish in ski cross, and showboating almost costs Norway gold


It might be the best photo finish in Olympic history. In the quarterfinals of the men’s freestyle ski cross, three out of the four skiers crashed on the final jump and sprawled out for second place to advance to the next round.

To get a sense of just how close it was, here’s a look at the finish line.

Amazingly, Russia’s Igor Korotkov stuck out his arms to cross ahead of the others and advance to the semi-finals.

As crazy as that ending was, it wasn’t the only close call in Sochi. In the men’s biathalon 15-km mass start, Norway’s Emil Hegle Svendsen started to showboat a little at the finish line. (Thanks to BBC for the GIFs.)

And while Svenden had his arms raised early in celebration…

…this is how close he was to losing his gold medal.

Earlier this week, snowboard cross also had a crash photo finish in the semi-finals between Americans Alex Deibold and Trevor Jacobs.

Who crossed first to advance to the finals? Here’s a view of the finish line.

Not only did Deibold advance to medal race,…

…but he also went on to win the bronze medal.

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