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RIM makes strange power-ballad marketing video

Blackberry is going to keep on loving you


In another marketing attempt, RIM’s BlackBerry recently released a promotional video on YouTube. What some thought was a parody is actually a very real, very ’80s, music video.

BlackBerry hired all of your dads to cover REO Speedwagon’s “Keep on Loving You,” as an ode to developers during RIM’s time of transition, pleading with them to stick it out. BlackBerry, they sang, “Is Going To Keep On Loving You.”

The online response to the video is but another blow for a company already considered too out of touch to bounce back with users. Business Insider called it “beyond bizarre.” GigaOm was kinder, simply calling the video a must-watch.

The video thus far has done little more than make iPhone users clutch their phones close to their chests, and laugh about the long-forgotten days of the QWERTY keyboard.


Weird, RIM. Very weird.

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