2018 Ontario election

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Why Doug Ford’s Ontario PC government should grant the Liberals party status

Opinion: By winning only seven seats, the Ontario Liberals failed to qualify for official party status—but there’s a case for Doug Ford lending them a hand

These are all the places Ontario Liberals were beaten on election night

The Liberals lost most of their strongholds. They lost to three other parties. And most of the time, it wasn’t even close.
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Ontario election 2018: Four decades of voter turnout in one chart

The voter turnout for Thursday’s election reached a nearly 20-year high. But the highest turnout was decades earlier.
Leaders of the provincial political parties scrum with media after the final leadership debate before the election at the CBC Building on Front Street

Kathleen Wynne speaks following the Liberals’ crushing election loss - Full video

The outgoing premier held her first press conference following the Liberals’ election loss.
Ontario Premier Elect Doug Ford holds post election media availability.

The existential crisis of Doug Ford: What does a modern conservative government look like?

Opinion: Doug Ford may be the next premier of Ontario, but it’s unclear if Fordism is wedded to the backbone of traditional conservative governing philosophies
Ontario Premier Candidate Doug Ford Attends Campaign Events Ahead Of Election

Doug Ford, Ontario’s next premier, holds his first post-election press conference — Full Video

PC leader Doug Ford spoke following last night’s victory and the PCs winning a majority government

Centrism is dead. Doug Ford’s victory in Ontario just proves it.

Opinion: ’One side supports clean water; the other side supports poison. The centrist’s solution is to meet in the middle. Everybody gets poisoned water.’
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Kathleen Wynne exits the stage, leaving tears, thanks and a party in ruins

The poignancy of her speech was crowded out by the reality of crushing electoral defeat. Where do the Liberals go from here?

The triumph of Doug Ford

Paul Wells: Governing is hard. Delivering a new era when you actually weren’t really sure what the new era was going to look like is still harder.
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Kathleen Wynne resigns in her election-night concession speech — full transcript

The leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario announced her resignation: “Although I’ve lost this election tonight, I have not in any way lost my passion.”