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Just outside of Edmonton, the striking Diwan Pavilion is a feat of Islamic architecture

The sweeping $5.5-million structure stands out, even in a garden modelled after paradise
trudeau town hall

Watch Canadians grill Trudeau over ethics and pot legalization

Justin Trudeau faced tough questions at his first town-hall event of the year in Sackville, N.S., where he had to defend the ethics of his vacation with the Aga Khan, legalization of marijuana and Ottawa’s position on ALS treatments.
Justin Trudeau Aga Khan

The Aga Khan trip and a glimpse into Trudeau’s bad judgment

Stephen Maher: Taking a billionaire’s hospitality is so obviously wrong, it makes you wonder: What else is the PM messing up?
Justin Trudeau

Friends! Welcome to Justin Trudeau’s ethical island

The general rule is that public officeholders should not receive anything they could not ordinarily buy, but the details allow for all kinds of room to dodge or distract
Justin Trudeau Aga Khan

Trudeau talks about ’quality family time’ on the Aga Khan’s island

Three highlights from the Prime Minister’s response to the finding that he violated conflict of interest rules
Aga Khan

Trudeau’s (early) valentine to the Aga Khan

In a tribute video presented last fall, the PM credits his friend with making Canada ’stronger and richer’
Aga Khan

Who is the man behind Trudeau’s controversial Christmas vacation?

The Aga Khan enjoys a solid reputation in the world of international development. If Trudeau acted improperly, observers say that’s on him, not the Aga Khan.
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A holy man with an eye for connections

The genteel, moderate Aga Khan’s network is on the rise in Canada