Every plane that was parked undergoes a frenzy of oiling and greasing. ‘There’s a lot of lubing,’ says one maintenance manager. (Timandtim/Getty Images)

How WestJet got back in the sky

How do you wake up an airline that’s been asleep for two years?
(Jostein Nilsen/EyeEm/Getty Images)

Jet fuel is bad for the environment. Contrails are even worse.

Airplanes constantly emit the trails every time they fly, blasting pollutants into the atmosphere. The industry behind them doesn’t know how to fix it.
Jade Bethune outside of the Kelowna Airport. (Photograph by Brian Howell)

One man’s fight to help jets fly—despite mental illness

A debate rages: Should people with depression be allowed in jobs with life-or-death responsibilities?