Alan Kurdi


The world has turned on Syrian refugees

Adnan R. Khan: It’s been four years since three-year-old Alan Kurdi died. Since then, borders have slammed shut and promises have been broken.
Alan Kurdi’s relatives

Alan Kurdi’s relatives on the Syrian conflict: "It’s going to get worse."

On the two-year anniversary of Alan Kurdi’s death, Abdullah and Tima Kurdi discuss his legacy and their hopes for the future.
A civil defence member carries injured girl at site hit by airstrikes in rebel-controlled area of Maaret al-Numan town in Idlib province

After the world lost interest in Alan Kurdi, the carnage continued

At least 8,500 have drowned since a photograph of a dead boy on the beach moved the world. Many more have disappeared into Syria’s gulag. We will all be judged.
Funeral of  drowned three-year-old boy Aylan Kurdi

Two years after Alan Kurdi’s death, little has changed

The photo of Alan Kurdi, face-down on a beach, was seen as a wake-up call. But two years later, the crisis persists—for refugees, and for the Kurdis

Remembering Alan Kurdi

On the anniversary of the little boy’s death, Alan Kurdi’s family laments how little has changed in Syria.
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Why Alan Kurdi still needs our rage

We all have every right to be angry. It’s what Syrians need from all of us right now.
Mideast Syria Airstrikes

Omran Daqneesh, the face of global neglect in Syria

An injured little boy is a metaphor for the collapse of humanity in a ceaseless war in Syria we’d rather not even think about
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Newsmakers 2015: Alan Kurdi, the boy on the beach

The heartbreaking image of three-year-old Alan Kurdi became the face of a wrenching global refugee crisis
MacBook Air

The two faces of the Syrian crisis: a toddler and a tech titan

Of symbols, Syrians, and defining images: Anne Kingston explains how the iconography of a moment says more about the viewers than the subjects
John McCallum

Since Alan Kurdi died, 700 Syrian refugees have arrived

The latest stats reinforce the daunting task facing the Liberals, who vow to keep their promise and resettle 25,000 more refugees by year’s end