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After an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, these sisters became Tiktok stars

Two women in B.C. show that you can own your dementia—one irreverent TikTok at a time
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The problem of Alzheimer’s: Caregiver exhaustion and a minefield of ethical quandaries

As the world’s population ages, a new generation will be facing Alzheimer’s. A new book delves into the disease’s toll and what’s needed to quell the effects of the coming wave.
Wang with her grandmother (Courtesy of Tiffany Wang)

To a grandmother with Alzheimer’s: ’Perhaps slowly forgetting me is good for you’

Tiffany Wang tells her grandmother, who lives in China, that she visits every year to dance for her. "Having to smile knowing that you have forgotten me feels like my heart is being scratched with a knife."

For people with dementia, a fight for the right to die

The Alzheimer Society of Canada is reconsidering its position on advanced requests for assisted death, amidst a difficult debate about the rights of those with dementia

They came to celebrate Jo. He would have loved it.

Joël Aubin was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at 37. Last month, the 42-year-old exited the world peacefully, as close as he could to how he wanted.

’I am mine’: This is what Alzheimer’s is like at 41

Three years ago, Jo and his wife Robin shared their story: he had early-onset Alzheimer’s. Now, as it continues its swift, relentless assault on Jo, Robin navigates the unthinkable
Shannon Proudfoot. (Photograph by Natalie Castellino)

While we still can: The case for advance directives

A proposed law on assisted death will not allow patients to choose death while they remain able. Should it?
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The vital link between your immune system and brain health

Michal Schwartz, who pioneered the field of neuroimmunology, makes links between immune-system health and Alzheimer’s

Could an eye exam diagnose Parkinson’s?

An Ontario group is working on a wide-ranging study to see if eyes can really provide ’windows to the brain’

Jo has Alzheimer’s. He’s 38.

Husband, teacher—Alzheimer’s patient. Inside Jo Aubin’s heartbreaking fight against time