Andrew coyne

Changing the future for Canada’s conservatives, one dinner at a time

Columnist Scott Gilmore is hosting events on modernizing—or maybe remaking—the Conservative Party

The eternal, futile quest for perfect democracy

Parliament returns amid some desire for change

Adventures in democracy

Questions about the Reform Act via Paul Wells

The Backbench Spring: What about the Liberal motion?

The fate of members’ statements faces a vote


The state of things

Mark Warawa leaves everyone grasping for meaning

House of unfortunate repute

What’s left to say about the tragedy of the Commons?


‘Her plan is simple’

An email from the Joyce Murray campaign yesterday: Ms. Murray is pleased with the latest endorsement of a one-time electoral pact.

Don’t go chasing waterfalls

The case against a one-time pact to bury first-past-the-post


Elizabeth May and political cooperation

In December, Elizabeth May apparently wrote a letter to New Democrats, Liberals and independent MP Bruce Hyer to discuss ways that opposition MPs might cooperate for the purposes of electoral reform. Ms. May won’t release the letter—she says it was not intended to be released publicly—but she seems to have described the gist to the Hill Times.


Let’s all fret about our democracy (and the monarchy)

The At Issue panel takes viewer questions.


Out with the old F-35 logic, in with the new

Colin Horgan finds that an old accounting for the F-35 procurement seems to have disappeared.

Gaming the system

Aaron Wherry on an idea that’s too cute by half