Canadian history

What fights about ‘erasing’ history are really about

Canada’s debate about whom and what we remember requires shared sets of facts, ideas and stories—a canon on which we can all rely. It’s time for us to rethink that canon, writes Murad Hemmadi.

Confronting Canada’s ugly record of anti-Blackness

Robyn Maynard’s new book aims to correct and downright disrupt the friendly, multicultural narrative in which Canada’s national identity relies

How a scuttled U.S. trade deal helped lead to modern Canada

As trade with Canada falls under Trump’s angry, roving eye, a look back at a U.S. trade deal that helped lead to Confederation

Another Chris Alexander Heritage Minute

The Immigration Minister makes up some random fake history. Paul Wells corrects the record.

5 historical artifacts stolen by Canada’s most prolific thief

Some interesting items from John Mark Tillmann’s former collection

The top 10 Heritage Minutes

Our favourite Canadian history shorts from the Halifax Explosion to ‘I smell burnt toast’

A debate that surely won’t make history

Paul Wells on a heritage committee study and the politicization of Canadian history

Ku Klux Klan banners hang at York University

Artist Deanna Bowen says work is meant to be provocative

Vikings in Canada?

A researcher says she’s found evidence that Norse sailors may have settled in Canada’s Arctic. Others aren’t so sure.

What students are talking about today (October 22nd edition)

A pipeline protest, a really bad cartoon & black cats

A perfect war for politicians

1812: A perfect war for politicians

The War of 1812 is Canada’s only fully inclusive, federalism-friendly conflict