Brunt in the bicycle area of the Vancouver Police Department’s property room. (Photograph by Vishal Marapon)

Meet Canada’s only full-time bike theft detective

Vancouver has finally put a dent in its long-running bike theft epidemic. All it took was one dedicated officer.
Keddy checks a map at a spot south of Mount Terrible (Layton Keddy)

Into the bush

Layton Keddy got on his bicycle and disappeared into the Australian wilderness, assuming he wouldn’t be missed. He couldn’t have been more wrong.
Still from Marinoni Movie. David Eberts

Of pedals and metals: In search of bike maestro Giuseppe Marinoni

It wasn’t easy to make a cinematic ode to a reclusive and eccentric bicycle maker from Montreal

The Editorial: Is there hope for a car-bike détente?

As the number of cyclists grows, so do the fatalities. Forget about talk of ’war on the car’–let’s make roads work for all
Vanhawks Valour bike

Canadian smart bike startup raises $820k

Vanhawks Valour co-founder explains the value of connections

Mario Pierre Théoret

After being nearly paralyzed in an ATV accident, he took up cycling, organizing races and a bike program for kids
The spoke club

Bicycles: the new conservative enemy

The rise of bike-sharing programs has created an unlikely new target in the culture wars
shane in truck

Buckwild star’s death, fire near York & OPIRG at Carleton

What students are talking about today (April 2nd)
UBC bike rave

A bike rave, mental illness & Noah Kishinevsky

What students are talking about today (March 20th)
Lance Armstrong

In pursuit of Lance Armstrong: A chronicle of cycling’s greatest fraud

Jonathon Gatehouse reviews Seven Deadly Sins by David Walsh