Dan Albas

House of Commons 20130327

Conservatives fretting about the supremacy of Parliament

But how supremely is Parliament behaving?
Justin Trudeau

Will our weed ever be as free as our grapes?

The Liberal leader reignites the marijuana debate
Parliament Building

Mike Allen Maverick Watch

Two Conservative MPs who won’t be sending out the Trudeau flyers
Parliament Building

Nobody tells Dan Albas what to say

A Conservative backbencher claims to be unencumbered
Question Period

The Commons: Not enough time to explain, so don’t bother trying

Gerry Ritz has now taken 50 questions on the travails of XL foods. Still, the opposition seems unsatisfied
The perfect pairing for Canadian wine: free trade

The perfect pairing for Canadian wine: free trade

Bill C-311 will allow individuals to order and carry wine for personal use across provincial borders for the first time since 1928