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GM Canada President and Managing Director Marissa West

The Power List: Marissa West is helping Canada’s EV revolution

The feds are pumping billions into making Canada a nation of EV drivers. Marissa West is making it happen on an industrial scale.

At a Formula E race in Berlin, Germany, a technician loads dry ice into an electric car to cool its batteries during a pit stop (Felix Clay/eyevine/Redux)

Formula E—the all-electric circuit race—is back and quiet as ever

The first Vancouver E-Prix will take place in False Creek over Canada Day weekend 2022

(Illustration by Sam Island)

No charging spots and a strained electrical grid. Welcome to the electric vehicle boom.

EVs are expected to boom in popularity by 2030. Whether that green switch will be without its problems is far from a sure thing.

The Tory climate plan unplugged

Stephen Maher: What is the Conservatives’ position on electric vehicles? The answer is unclear and it says a lot about the choices on offer in this election.

Why gas stations are in decline in Canada

As the number of gas stations plummets, they’re gradually being replaced with charging stations for electric cars—and a new way to think about ‘filling up’

The mighty musk

Elon Musk is the coolest rich guy on earth

Silicon Valley is full of big minds and egos, but one daring tycoon rises above


China charges ahead with electric cars

When it comes to electric cars, the future may be in China.


Automakers must double down saving gas

New rules say that cars must improve fuel efficiency, but will consumers buy them?

Building buzz

Tesla’s electric SUV is building buzz

But can the company’s latest model rescue the troubled automaker?

Stuck in first gear

How electric cars got stuck in first gear

Electric cars are hitting showrooms, but people aren’t buying


Magna set to invest millions in electric car research

Ontario government chipping in to help project along


Running out of juice

Electric cars are here, but is there a market for them?