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Garneau listens to a reporter's question following an announcement in Ottawa on Feb. 27, 2020 (CP/Adrian Wyld)

The calm hand of Marc Garneau

Whether his new post is a prime opportunity or a headache in the waiting, Garneau’s surprise move to global affairs is a vote of confidence in his steadiness
Bolivia Protests

What has Canada done for Bolivia?

Andray Domise: The response from Canada has been empty platitudes about ’fair and transparent’ elections and ’standing with the democratic will’

Justin Trudeau went along but hasn’t gotten along

Andrew MacDougall: While the PM has said what people want to hear on the world stage, it hasn’t led to action. Canada’s impotence is complete.
YEAR Economy 20161222

It’s time to leverage Canada’s energy advantage into a geopolitical one, too

Opinion: Pipeline projects and energy developments will allow Canada to flex more influence on the world stage—and weaken the grip of bad international actors
Justin Trudeau Stephane Dion Harjit Sajjan

If only Stéphane Dion had saved Canada’s foreign policy

Paul Wells: A curious new book from Stéphane Dion’s former advisor offers—along with some real gossip—insight into Trudeau as a foreign-policy PM
Canada Day 150 Living Leaf

The world thinks the world needs more Canada, too

Canada has the most positive influence on the world right now, according to a recent poll
Canada’s Foreign Minister Dion speaks in the House of Commons in Ottawa

Stéphane Dion’s policy is a mess. But that’s okay.

Why Scott Gilmore has some sympathy for the Foreign Affairs Minister’s jumbled plan

Lloyd Axworthy on politics, Winnipeg and the world

John Geddes in conversation with Lloyd Axworthy, the Maclean’s Lifetime Achievement Award winner about his long, winding career
John Geddes

Baird shouted lots, but had a subtler side, too

Behind politics and policy, the politician cultivated personal relationships that mattered

John Baird vs. The Maldives

A note of thanks from the deposed president