This woman built a greenhouse that grows eye-catching exotic fruits—in Nova Scotia

Annette Clarke’s nursery is expanding the definition of what’s growable out east
Nonbrowning Arctic® Granny, with slices cut out

How do you like them genetically engineered, non-browning apples?

The first non-browning apples created by B.C.’s Okanagan Specialty Fruits just got USDA approval—and not all apple growers will be happy
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Fruit is not just for dessert anymore

A top British food writer turns the ‘stars in my pastries’ into the saviours of his savoury dishes
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Do you mind if we pick your pears?

A volunteer project in B.C. gets fruit that would have rotted to people who need it
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Everyone’s got pawpaw fever

A mix of guava and banana, this coveted fruit is, oddly, native to Ontario’s Carolinian forest
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Fresh fruit, veg and paranoia

Personality conflicts at farmers’ markets aren’t that unusual, says one expert, but even he admits Calgary’s are ‘on a different scale’