Families betrayed by their own genes

Two books explore the DNA mutations that made two families highly susceptible to diseases like cancer and schizophrenia
A file photo of a DNA double helix in an undated artist’s illustration released by the National Human Genome Research Institute to Reuters

Remodelling the human genome

The quest to understand the human genome, the instructions that rule our form, our function and, more than we would wish, our fate

Siddhartha Mukherjee’s intimate history of the gene

The author of The Emperor of All Maladies gives us a new book that’s beautifully written and deeply personal
Photo Illustration by Sarah MacKinnon and Richard Redditt

Junk DNA: How much of our genetic material pulls its weight?

Science can’t decide if our genes have more or less value than the Baldwin brothers
Genomic Workshop

Inheritance battles

Author Nicholas Wade argues that human genetic differences have played a powerful role in the success and failure of societies
London 2012 Cauldron Candidates

Race and racing: An English icon wades into the ’slave genes’ controversy

Sir Roger Bannister raises a controversial thesis at the London Olympic Games
Cats and guinea pigs get naked

Canadians love to cuddle up to their furless friends

Even though they stink, they’re ugly and they’re high maintenance
APTOPIX EU Germany Polar Bears

Are they white—or brown?

It doesn’t take a scientist to tell a polar bear and a brown bear apart. Or does it?

The course you’ll hate the one you (almost) fail.
Missing image

Hey freshmen, we want your DNA

Incoming students at Berkeley given gene-testing kit