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The Year Ahead: Our Guide To 2024

Our annual look at what’s coming your way this year

Longevity expert Peter Attia can help you cheat death—for a while

“We have it better than the king of England did 500 years ago! I think about that when I’m distressed about the insignificance of my life, and that, in 30 or 40 years, I’ll be dead.”

I love being an ER doctor—but the patient load is crushing

Physician Andrew Battison is one of 190 doctors asking the Alberta government to increase support for health care
NS Halifax Wildfire 20230601

What it was like to fight a colossal East Coast wildfire

“In my memory, we have never had an incident on this large of a scale.”

How the wildfires are affecting our health

“We’re designed to fight bacteria and viruses. We can’t do smoke.”

Canadians with mental disorders shouldn’t be excluded from requesting MAID

I’m a psychiatrist who’s worked on the topic of MAID and mental disorders for years. People with these disorders should be able to request MAID—just like all other Canadians.
Medical Disposable Syringe on White Ceramic Plate

Here’s why Ozempic is popular for the wrong reasons

Many Canadians want to use the drug as a quick fix for weight loss. What about the people who actually need it?

My Prediction: We’re due for another global health emergency

COVID wasn’t the last large-scale outbreak. The next one is right around the corner.
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The Year Ahead: Our Guide To 2023

The people, places, events and ideas that will define the year ahead

The Year Ahead: Health in 2023

The future of ER’s, the next viral pathogen and COVID long-haulers shape health-care in the year to come