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I’m a family doctor in Halifax. Pay-for-service clinics will burden the public system.

A renewed interest in pay-for-service clinics could restrict health care access for those who need it most

I’m a Canadian ER nurse who took a job in the U.S. so my family can survive

Between travel-nursing contracts and leaving the country, my colleagues are doing whatever we can to find stability. I don’t blame any of us for looking for work elsewhere. 
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The Big Idea: Help seniors age at home

“Seniors want to continue to live among young people and families—not just play golf or be entertained to death”

When nursing burned me out, TikTok became a lifeline

Now I have millions of followers—and a way to cope
Chelsea Cadieux, Dec 2022, Ottawa ON-2

An impossible job: What it’s like to work in a pediatric ICU

“No child should be denied a ventilator or bed, yet these are the kinds of decisions we were having to make”

I am a MAID provider. It’s the most meaningful—and maddening—work I do. Here’s why.

Canada’s MAID laws are missing fundamental safeguards for vulnerable people. That needs to change. 

Thousands of patients. No help. Meet the lone family doctor of Verona, Ontario.

I’m the only family doctor in a 2,000-person Ontario town. It’s impossible to be the doctor I want to be.
20221216 – Holiday Cardsphotographed at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, On. Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2022. (Photo by Kevin Van Paassen/Sunnybrook)

Q&A with the surgeons who developed a world-first brain tumour treatment

After a promising start to their clinical trial, the surgeons behind the discovery share what happened inside the OR and the importance of their medical breakthrough
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Inside my three-day nightmare at a children’s ER

“If this madness continues, children are going to die here this winter”
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This B.C. clinic is charging $110 a month for access to a doctor. Is this the new normal?

Clinic owners are addressing the country’s widespread shortage of physicians with some creative solutions—doctor subscription, anyone?