Humber College

Humber College Grads Rise and Hang

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How two brothers designed a system that keeps couch-surfing students’ wardrobes neat

Humber College Gospel Choir

Humber’s for-credit gospel choir is a haven for students of all majors

Humber’s gospel choir is a credit course for music students, but non-music majors are welcome, too

Humber College Puppetry Program Student

Popular stage shows like ‘War Horse’ are leading a puppetry revival

Productions like War Horse and Avenue Q have revived interest in puppetry, which lives somewhere between theatre and art

Chris Robinson on stage

Training the next generation of comedians, one gag at a time

Humber College’s comedy program is proving that while you can’t teach being funny, you can teach people how to get a laugh

Robot-ready grads take mechatronics at Humber

98% of grads get jobs by June and earn about $50,000 to start

Why colleges are increasingly being seen as the smart choice

This post-secondary option is no longer the poor cousin to university—even if your parents don’t agree

How mixing and matching is making education more unique

Post-secondary education can be personalized, just like your playlist or your movies

Rebecca Addelman, 31, is a writer for New Girl

Comedy work is sporadic, but the pay can get “obscene”


College backtracks after telling students to dropout

A delay in criminal record checks left Humber College nursing students unsure if they could take a clinical placement


Wish I could be there…..

What are the province and feds doing to help unemployed students?


College presidents: gaining on their more highly paid university peers

The pay of college executives still trails that of universities, but they’re catching up


Humber students make contact with international space station

Teacher said radio feat never before done by students at the college level