I always felt uncertain about my future in the U.K. I finally found my home in Calgary.

After moving to three continents, I settled down in Alberta

Stopping immigration won’t fix Canada’s housing crisis

Housing policy researcher Carolyn Whitzman says Canada needs a national social-housing program—and much better data

For minister Sean Fraser, immigration and housing are more than just numbers games

Ambitious new immigration targets and a country-wide housing squeeze have Canadians asking: where are we going to put everyone? That’s Fraser’s job to answer.

Illustration of a man with a serious expression surrounded by tomato vines, holding up a phone with an illustration of a family on it

I came to work in Ontario thirteen years ago. I don’t know when my family can join me. 

I spend 12 hours a day in a greenhouse, but the hardest part of my job is being apart from family 

I was living my dream in Costa Rica. Climate change sent me packing back to Toronto.

“I couldn’t help but feel a bit hopeless, knowing the next storm could bring the same, or worse”

How Celine Song’s Past Lives became the surprise indie hit of the year

The semi-autobiographical Canadian film is earning huge Oscar buzz

As a kid, I was the main translator for my immigrant parents. It wasn’t easy. 

“I dealt with bank statements and insurance papers, paid hydro bills and translated during doctor visits.”

I felt at home in Vancouver. Seeing the water and mountains reminded me of Kathmandu.

After three years apart, my partner and I finally reunited in Canada

I escaped Mexico’s cartels. Fourteen years later, the only work I can find is as a janitor.

“Every night, my wife and I ate a quick meal before cleaning buildings across the city”

“I loved Vancouver’s tree-lined streets and felt at peace so close

My family and I fled gang violence in Mexico and made a home in Canada

“There are times when I miss home, my family, the sun. But sharing the stories of the recipes I brought from Mexico has helped me reclaim my identity here.”

Alena Matushina. (Photograph by Tara De Boer)

I’m an immigrant living in Quebec. Bill 96 is making me reconsider my future here.

The controversial Bill 96, which enacts French language reform laws across Quebec, is making non-French-speaking immigrants like Alena Matushina reconsider their future in the province.