Art during the time of coronavirus

Heather O’Neill: Throughout history, art was created during pandemics—to amuse, to console, and to give voice to those who were previously unheard

The unbearable shame of Italian soccer fans

Italian soccer fans will still come out to Canadian bars for the World Cup next year. But maybe without the blue jerseys.
New bride Sophie Gregoire waves as drives off with husband Justin Trudeau following wedding ceremony in …

Will Justin Trudeau miss his anniversary?

Last year in Japan, Trudeau controversially took a day off for his wedding anniversary. In Italy this year, will he do it again?
Germany Europe Nationalists

The meaning of a meeting of Europe’s leading nationalist minds

In Koblenz, Germany, the leaders of Europe’s nationalist movement unite for an awkward political spectacle

What is Venice without Venetians?

On any given day, tourists outnumber actual Venetians by 140 to 1

Melee in Milan: The fight to keep museums alive in art-rich Italy

A Canadian is part of a huge fight to save the art world’s most important museums from themselves
Immigrants rescued in Strait of Sicily

Clinging to life on Italy’s margins

Surviving the treacherous Mediterranean crossing is only the beginning. Life inside Italy’s refugee centres
The Italians by John Hooper.  No Credit

A field guide to Italians

Book review: John Hooper is perfectly situated to explain the intricacies of Italy’s delicate national identity

Italy’s stay-at-home kids

Nearly 80 per cent of young adults now live with their parents. Why Italy is facing a ‘big baby’ crisis.
MAC07_ITALY01 feature

Italy’s recipe for austerity

Italians are turning to wartime staples, and even urban scrounging, to get by in dire economic times